Artist-in_residency: SPARC 2015 with BCA


All the senior-students were part of the PEP for Seniors NORC SSP. They met once a week every Thursday for 5 months with artist-in-residence Martine Fougeron in the PEP Classroom. From 9 to 12 from January 15 to May 28, 2015, whether rain or shine, and it snowed quite a bit…

The students would bring in their cell phones or cameras. They would be taught to download them onto a computer, select them and edit them.. and then share them via the internet.


Sometimes the seniors did not know how to hold the cell phone to take a photo or how to focus on the touch screen, sometimes they did not know how to download and save their photos, sometimes they did not know how to download a chip. Most did not know how to send photographs to their friends and family via e mail, much less face book (and a few had accounts). Some seniors even opened face book accounts during the course.


Download theBook: PDF and view as a double page.




A peak Preview of one Senior's photo work: Valerie Rice


By the end of the class, all 12 seniors knew how to take photos on their cell phones as well as share them , via internet, e mail and Facebook. They were very proud of themselves.

It gave the Seniors a class they enjoyed. Some said it got them out of their depression. It gave them skills they will keep for the future.