'Spice Pooja' by Martine Fougeron : Artist's Commission, 2013. 
Inaugurated at The Hole Gallery, NY.

A live video performance performed on December 6, 2012 in one take.  This five minute artist's video written and directed by Martine Fougeron was Commissioned by Manjoor Estate- Haute Spice- which is a start-up company who creates spiced juices. Revealed at The Hole Gallery in New York City on April 18, 2013.

The Hole Gallery installation: April 18, 2013: Video-projection.

The Hole Gallery installation: April 18, 2013: Video-projection.

" I modeled the film on the idea of performing a live pooja of offerings to the bottle, by showering it with the juices and fantastic spices it would contain. I was inspired by the ancient Vedic poojas I had witnessed in temples in Tamil Nadu, the Southern province of India where I had lived many months over the past years and where Sunitha was born.
'Spice Pooja' is the live performance I created and filmed.I wanted the pooja to be genuine, in time and space. There is no artifice. All the ingredients were on a table, in order of apparition, in function of their weight, color and viscosity for the aesthetic layering and lingering on the bottle.
I set the bottle on my Lalique bowl which served as a pedestal. One assistant was passing the spices and the other was delicately pouring them over the bottle.The pooja lasted short of five minutes but the orchestration was so intense that it seemed like an hour. There was only one pooja. 
I wanted one unbroken slow sensual take with the noble ingredients emanating from a higher plane and reverently adorning the bottle with a shower of spices -a metaphor for the worship of one's self-. I filmed the 'Spice Pooja' as I performed the ceremony for Manjoor Estate, as an inaugural blessing.

Sara Bengur Peshtamals' by Martine Fougeron: Artist's Commission, 2014.

The 3 minute artist's video written and co-directed by Martine Fougeron and Nicolas de Mones was commissioned by Sara Bengur - the New York based interior designer- who went back to her Turkish roots and designed a line of peshtamal towels-. A 'Peshtamal' is a traditional Turkish hand-woven towel.  She conceived them to be more than just great towels for your home or the beach but as companions which you can wear as wraps, pareos, sarongs, bathrobes, shawls or scarves. 

"I wanted the video to demonstrate the use of the peshtamal towel in a fun and stylish manner -and yet be demonstrative of the multiple adoptions a long and elegant cotton companion could have-.
We wrote the script pointing out the different uses one might make of it, trying to add humor with the spoof on the side by side with the his and hers as well as a clin d'oeil to fashion in some scenes. I wanted people to have a smile on their face. In the end the refined simplicity of Sara's peshtamal grows on you, and you want it to be your permanent companion." 

For more information: sarabengur