French born, lives and works in New York


Selected Solo Exhibitions       

•  The South Bronx Trades. The Bronx Museum of the Arts; Bronx, NY

• Heart of the South Bronx: Trades. Curated by Anna Von Lenten. The Half King; Chelsea, NY (09-10/2014).
• Heart of the South Bronx: Trades by Martine Fougeron. Curated by Elisabeth Biondi. THE POINT's Art Container; Hunts Point, Bronx, NY (05-07/2014).

• Teen Tribe. Gallery 339; Philadelphia, PA (04-06/2014).


• Martine Fougeron: Teen Tribe. Curated by Cory Jacobs. The Gallery at Hermès; Fondation d'Entreprise      Hermès, NY (09-11/2013).


• After Prom. From the Tête-à-Tête Series. Gallery 339; Philadelphia, PA (11-12/2010).



• Tête-à-Tête.  Sol Mednick Gallery, The University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA  (10-12/2008).
• Tête-à-Tête. Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art; New York, NY (02-04/2008).



• Tête-à-Tête. Julia Dean Gallery, Berenice Abbott Prize; Los Angeles, CA (02-03/2007).


Selected Group Exhibitions


• ‘Americana’, The Photography Show presented at AIPAD (04-2019)



• The Wing, Group Show, Dumbo, NY (02-2018)

• ‘Forever Young: Selections from the Joe Baio Collection, The Photography Show at AIPAD (04-2018)

• 'Model Redux', Bronx Art Space, curated by Adrien de Mones and Marina Gluckman, (07-08/2018)

• ‘Wonderland’, Lehman College Art Gallery, Permanent collection of The Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY (06-08/2017)


•  Bronx Now. Temporary Storage; Brooklyn, NY (05/2016).



• The Bronx Artist Documentary Project. Montefiori Art Gallery; Bronx, NY (09-10/2015).
• Bronx Speaks: Making Place. The Bronx Museum of the Arts; Bronx, NY (03/2015).



• The Bronx Artist Documentary Project.The Andrew Freedman Home; Bronx, NY (09-10/2014).
• BRONX X BRONX. Bronx Documentary Center; Bronx, NY (09-10/2014).
• Ladies Only. Curated by Tina Schelhorn, Tsereteli Moma, and Kolga Tbilisi. Photo Meeting 2014;

            Tbilisi, Georgia.
• Stories in Social Landscape. Curated by Karen Marshall. ICP Faculty Exhibition; New York, NY




• Paris Photo 2013. Christophe Guye Galerie; Lusanne, Switzerland (11/2013).

• Family Portrait. Curated by Peter Barberie and Amanda Bock. Philadelphia Museum of Art; Philadelphia, PA           (06-11/2013).

• Perchance to Dream. Andrea Meislin Gallery; New York, NY (06-09/2013).

• The Youth Code. Curated by Nathalie Hirschdorfer. Christophe Guye Galerie; Zurich (06-08/2013).

• It’s About You and Me. Curated by Monika Hardmeier. ‘Pauses & Planes,’ Bullet Space, New York, NY


• Spice Pooja. Live video installation. Artist's Commission for Manjoor Estate. The Hole Gallery; New York,   NY (04/2013).

• Trees in Focus. Anne Fontaine Foundation at Sotheby's; New York, NY (03-04/2013).

• My Aim Is True. Curated by Jamie Lee Curtis. The Frostig Collection; Los Angeles, CA (01/2013).
• AIPAD Photography. Gallery 339; Philadelphia, PA.



• More Photos About Buildings and Food. Gallery 339; Philadelphia, PA (09-12/2012).

• Adolescence. Curated by Gainpaola Arena. Photissima Art Fair; Turin (11/2012).
• The Youth Code. Curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer. Daegu Photo Biennale (2012); Korea (09-10/2013).
• This Side of Paradise. Curated by Manon Sloan of No Longer Empty. Andrew Freedman House; Bronx, NY. 
• Occupy Wall Street. Curated by Sean Corcoran. Museum of the City of New York; New York, NY (01-05/2012).

• Photography in ‘The New Yorker.’ Curated by Elisabeth Biondi. Ullens Center; Beijing, China (04-06/2012).

•  AIPAD. The Park Armory, Gallery 339; New York, NY (03-2012).
• The Unseen Eye. George Eastman House, Brackett Clarck Gallery; Rochester, NY (10-2011/02-2012).



• Beyond Words: Photography in ‘The New Yorker.’ Curated by Elisabeth Biondi. Howard Greenberg Gallery;            New York, NY (09-10/2011). 

• About Face. Gallery 339; Philadelphia, PA (08-09/2011). 

• Shots on Home. Curated by Kathy Ryan and Scott Thode. LOOK 3 Festival of the Photograph; Charlottesville, VA    (06-2011).

• Teenagers: Portraits of Identity and Expression. Houston Center for Photography; Houston, TX


• Objective/Subjective. Curated by Elisabeth Biondi. ‘NYPH’ 11, The Future of Contemporary Photography;   Brooklyn, NY (05/2011).

• Lens Culture International Exposure Award. Gallery 291; San Francisco CA (04-05/2011).

• AIPAD. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff; New York, NY (03/2011).



• A Toutes Jambes. La Galerie d'En Face; Paris, France (11-12/2010).

• Best of Show: Winners of the 2010 Photo Review Photography Competition. Second place.

            Juried by Brian Paul. Clamp, Gallery 1401, University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA (10-12/2010).

• Paris Photo 2010. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff; Paris, France (11/2010). 

• Photography Portfolio Competition 2010. Philadelphia Museum of Art; Philadelphia, PA (09/2010).

• The Curve: 2010 Center Choice Awards. Newspace Center for Photography; Portland, OR (09/2010).

• Tête-à-Tête. Forward Thinking Museum (05/2010).

• Childhood. Curated by Jamie Lee Curtis. Dougherty Art Center, Texas Photographic Society; Austin, TX (01/2010).



• Best of Show: Winners of the 2009 Photo Review Photography Competition. Juried by Lesley A. Martin.     Gallery 1401, University of the Arts; Philadelphia, PA (10-12/2009). 

• Adolescence. Vis-à-vis Photo (11/2009).

• The Art of Photography Show. Curated by Charlotte Cotton. Lyceum Theatre Gallery; San Diego, CA


• Image 09. Gallery of Image Winners, Farmani Gallery; Brooklyn, NY (08/2009).

• Christie’s Benefit Contemporary Photography Auction; Paris, France (06-04/2009).

• A Time Remembered: Photography as Personal Narrative, Holden Luntz Gallery; Palm Beach, FL (03-05/2009).



• Photo Miami. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff; Miami, FA (12/2008).

• Never Stand Still. Paris Photo 2008, BMW- Paris Photo Exhibition; Paris, France (11/2008).

• Best of Photography. It's Seven; Trieste, Italy (07/2008). 

• Best of PX3. PX3 Book Winner. Galerie 2; Paris, France (06/2008).

• Exposure. Curated by Leslie A. Martin. PRC; Boston, MA (05/2008).

• Fashioned. Curated by George Slade. Minnesota Center for Photography; Minneapolis, MI (05/2008).

• AIPAD. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff; New York, NY (04/2008). 

• Best of Show. Juried by Julie Saul. University of the Arts, Gallery 1401; Philadelphia, PA (1/2008). 



• Paris Photo 2007. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff; Paris, France (11/2007).

• Degrees of Separation. Curated by John Bennette. Peer Gallery; New York, NY (07-09/2007).

• Up & Now! Curated by Charlotte Cotton. Photographic Center Northwest; Seattle, WA (07-08/2007).

• Sacrée Inde. Curated by Sylvie de la Dure. Les Rencontres d’Arles; Arles, France (07/2007).

• Among Us and Curious. Curated by Darius Himes. Newspace Center for Photography; Portland, OR (07/2007). 

• Best of PX3. PX3 Portraiture winner. Galerie13 Sevigné; Paris, France (06-07/2007).



• Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art; Fort Collins, CO (12/2006).

• Passion. Curated by Elinor Carucci. Umbrella Arts Gallery; New York, NY (11/2006).                 

• The Camera Club of New York. Alfred Lowenherz Gallery; New York, NY (10/2006).

• Photo Folio Winner. Les Rencontres d’Arles, exhibited in Atelier de Chaudronnerie; Arles, France (07-09/2006).    

• Shift. International Center of Photography; New York, NY (06-09/2006).



• 39th Juried Exhibition. The Parrish Art Museum; Southampton, NY (09-10/2005).



Selected Museums

• Bronx Museum of the Arts; Bronx, NY.
• Museum of the City of New York, NY.

• Philadelphia Museum of Art; Philadelphia, PA.

• Museum of Fine Arts; Houston, TX. 

• MOMA, Museum of Modern Art Library; New York, NY.

• Getty Research Institute; Los Angeles, CA.


Selected Private Collections

• Sir Elton John Collection

• Monique Knowlton

• Joseph T. Baio

• Florence Rolando
• Angela Freyre

Books by Martine Fougeron

• Teen Tribe. Steidl. Forthcoming in 2019.

• Tête-à-Tête. Exhibition Catalogue published for the solo exhibition at Peter Hay Halpert. Essay by Lyle       Rexer. 44 pages with 19 color photographs. 2008.



Selected Publications in Catalogues and Books
• American Photography 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34 (AI-AP Book) 

• NYC Out of the Box. Editions Les Arenes, 2016. Pg 355.
• Family Photography Now. ‪Sophie Howarth‪ and Stephen McLaren. ‪Thames & Hudson, 2016. Pg.86-91.
• 100 photos pour la vie. Special Camera Issue. December 2015. Pg. 87. 

• The Bronx Artist Documentary Project. Daniel Hauben and Judy Lane. 2015.

• Trees in Focus: Objectif Arbres. Fondation Anne Fontaine. Editions Assouline. 2013.

• Landscape Stories: Adolescence. Vulcano: Italy. September 2012.

• Legs through the Lens. Eyrolles Editions. November 2012.

• IT’S # PHOTO. International Talent Support. Preface by Denis Curti. EVE Publications. Pg. xcviii. 2009.

• Tête-à-Tête. Exhibition Catalogue published for the solo exhibition at Peter Hay Halpert. Essay by Lyle       Rexer. 44 pages with 19 color photographs. 2008.

• SHIFT. ICP Publications, 2006. Pg. 138.


Awards and Distinctions

• AP 34: American Photography 34 Book



• AP 33: American Photography 33 Book


• Yaddo Residency 

• BRIO distinction (“The Bronx Recognizes its Own”)

• Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA)/”Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide” Grant, from the New York        Department of Cultural Affairs. Seniors Program at PEP.

• BCA/Community Arts Fund Grant from the New York Department of Cultural Affairs: South Bronx Trades.

• AP 30: American Photography 30 Award Book.



• AP 29: American Photography 28 Award Book.



• BCA/DCA 2011 Arts Fund Grant from the New York Department of Cultural Affairs: Trades, Oficios, Métiers project.

• AP 27: American Photography Award 27 Book.


• Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010: Single Image Category Grand Prize.

• 2010 Photography Portfolio Competition: Winner. The Women’s Committee of the Philadelphia Museum   of Art. Juried by Peter Barberie, Tina Barney, and Melissa Harris.

• Curator's Choice Award: 2nd Place. Santa Fe Center.Juror Roxana Marcoci, MOMA.

• The Photo Review 2010 Competition Review: 2nd Prize.

• AP 26: American Photography Award 26 book.




• The Photo Review Competition: Honorable Mention. Juried by Lesley Martin. 

• IPA 2009: Honorable Mention (Fine Art).

• The Art of Photography Show: 4th Prize. Juried by Charlotte Cotton.

• American Society of Media Photographers Prize: 1st Place in “Professional.”

• New York Photo Award.

• AP 25: American Photography Award 25 book: Silver Anniversary competition.

• Photo District News Photo Annual, 2009: Personal Work.

• Photo District News: 30 Emerging Photographers to watch.


• Prix BMW Paris Photo: Finalist.

• “” Award: Honorable Mention.

• The Photo Review Competition: Fifth Place. Juried by Julie Saul. 

• American Photo Magazine: 13 Emerging Artists of 2008. 

• “ITS # 7” Pitti Imagine Prize: Winner. Trieste, Italy. 

• Les Rencontres d’Arles Book Prize: Nominated.

• PX3, Book Category: 1st Place.

• New York Photo Awards 2008: Nominated.

• Descubrimientos PHE08: Finalist.

• Fotofest: selected for “Transformations.” 

• LICC, London, UK: Finalist.


• Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010: Grand Prize, Single Image.

• Les Rencontres d’Arles, Photo Folio Review Prize. Selected by Grazia Neri. 

• PEEK 2007 by Art + Commerce.

• American Photography Award 23 Book.

• 12th Annual PRC Photographic Competition Exhibition. Juror Charlotte Cotton. 

• 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Newspace Center for Photography. Juror Darius Himes.  

• PX3, Portraiture Category: 3rd Place.

• Critical Mass Top 50: Nominated; Photo Lucida and The Santa 5th Fifth Prize for Photography. 

• The Berenice Abbott Prize for an Emerging Photographer. Juried by Douglas Kirkland and Gerd Ludwig. 

• International Exhibition of The Center for Fine Art Photography. Juried by Phillip Brookman. 


• Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles: Photo Folio Review Winner. Selected by Ricardo Koch.

• The Camera Club of New York, National Photography Competition: 2nd Place. Juror Antonin Kratchovil.

• Golden Light Awards, Portraiture Portfolio Competition: 1st Prize. Juried by Kathy Ryan.



           Selected Press and Interviews
• WYBC (Interview from Yale University Radio). Brainard Carey. “Martine Fougeron.” December 6, 2017.

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            • AI-AP Profiles. David Schonauer. Photographer Profile: "I felt that these were unheralded people.”

                 April 5, 2016.
• i-D-Vice. Rory Satran. “Martine Fougeron photographs the most compelling teens ever: her sons.”

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• Il Amarindo, Arte. “Gruppo di Famiglia.” October 20, 2009.


Selected Publications in Journals and Magazines

•The Telegraph, “Culture/Photography”, by Lucy Magnan (05-2016).

•The Guardian, “Nine great family photographers”, Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, May 14, 2016.
• Magnum, “GetCloser100.” Day 57. Robert Capa, Magnum, and ICP.

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• PX3.01, Prix de la Photographie Paris. Asterisk Press. Pg. 142.

• The Photo Review 2005. “Competition Winners” (Juror David Schonauer). Volume 27, Number 4. 2006.      Pg. 84.




Selected Commissions and Editorials

• FT Week End. “Every get the feeling you’re being watched? Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee sets out how to fight back. Feb.8, 2019.

• FT Week End: 'The Club where Business Meets Gender Politics', June 10, 2017

• FT Week End. ‘'Paul Auster on fact and fiction in Trump’s America', January 27, 2017.
• FT Week End. ‘Why I’m pretentious — and proud of it,' by Dan Fox. February 5, 2016.

• FT Week End. 'Urban fiction: words on the street,' by Neil Munshi. Nov. 13, 2015. 

• FT Week End. ‘Major League Soccer arrives in New York with NYCFC,' by Matthew Garrahan. March 20,      2015. 
• WSJ Magazine. 'A Day in the Life of Dominique Ansel,' by Christopher Ross. Nov. 8, 2014.

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• The Invisible Dog Factory. Documentary project of an abandoned factory in Brooklyn. October 2009. 

• Marilyn Magazine. “The Globe Communicator.” Issue 5. A portrait of Olivier Van Doorne.

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• New York Times Sunday Magazine. Key Issue: “Creative Coalition.” October 3, 2008.

• New York Magazine. “Sleepover.” February 25, 2008.

• New York Magazine. “Snooze or Loose.” October 8, 2007.

• New York Times Sunday Magazine. “The First Dance: How Would Jesus Dance?” January 29. 2007.




• 2015-present. Founder, The Photography Master Retreat, annual summer workshop, South of France.

• 2010-present. Faculty, The International Center of Photography (ICP), New York.

• 2012. Guest professor, ICP at THE POINT.
• 2015. Adjunct Professor, Fine Art Thesis Class, Pratt Institute, New York.
• 2012-2013. Guest Professor, SVA and CCNY, New York.

• 2009. Teacher’s Assistant at ICP.

• 2005-2008. Assistant to Frank Franca’s lighting class and Bill Armstrong’s color class, ICP, New York. 



• 2016. Yaddo Artist-in-Residence.
• 2015. Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide (SPARC) Artist-in-Residence, Parkchester, Bronx, Senior       Center. Bronx Council for the Arts. 5 month class for seniors on photography as an empowerment                                                      tool.
• 2014. Lycée Français de New York. One-week with 8th-grade students.
• 2015. French-American School of New York. 2 months with 9th- and 10th-grade students.



Artist Talks

• 2015. BX 200 Virtual Artist Studio, Bronx Documentary Art Center, Bronx, NY.

• 2011. Guest Lecturer at NYU, NY. “Continuing Education.”

• 2011. “Art in the First Person: 123 talks with Artists, Critics and Curators,” SVA, New York. “The role of Women in Photography: Are we there Yet?” Moderated by Elisabeth Biondi, panelists include photography critic Vince Aletti, curator and writer Lyle Rexer, and photographers Martine Fougeron, Lisa Kereszi and Sarah Silver.

• 2011. New York Photo Festival 11, Brooklyn, NY. Artist's Talk and Film Screening.
• 2011. Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX. Artist's Talk and Film Screening, 
• 2011. Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute, NY. Critique Class for the MFA Program.

• 2010. Lecturer at the Camera Club of NY.

• 2010. Lecture Series at SVA, NY. Artist's Talk and Film Screening.

• 2009. Guest speaker at PDN’s 30’ Seminar, moderated by Holly Hughes.

• 2009. Photo Plus Expo 9.

• 2005-2008. Guest lecturer at SVA with Lyle Rexer and Allen Frame.

• 1999-2003. Frequent Speaker in Paris, Milan, and New York on ‘The Art of Perfumery,’ Fashion Group and Cosmetic Executive Women.


Past Professional Experience

• 2002. Founder of an independent consulting company focused on perfumes and high added value artistic concepts. Staging of multi-sensory installations on fragrances. 

• 1996-2001. Creative Director of a team of 20 world-class master perfumers at International Flavors &        Fragrances, Inc. (IFF), New York.“The nose of the noses’’ acting as an art critic and editor, spotting                                                     the emergence of novel fragrances to key fashion and beauty clients such as LANCÔME, ESTÉE                                                                                   LAUDER and LVMH. 

• 1988-1996. IFF Creative Marketing Director for Europe. Conception of multi-media theatrics and events. Delivery of Presentations on the Trends of Perfumery. Marketing programs for the Sales Teams.

• 1990-1996. Among the first Westerners to reach 5th Dan in Kyudo-Japanese Archery.

• 1980-1988. Account Manager and New Business Director, J. Walter Thompson, Paris.

• 1978-1980. Comité d'Action pour Le Solaire. Co-Director of French national awareness Campaigns on         renewable energies.

• 1977-1989. One of the first women in France to become a hot air balloon solo pilot.




• 11th MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop. 2011.
• Advanced Certificate in General Studies. International Center of Photography, NYC. 2006.
• Diplomée de l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. 1979.
• BA in Political Science and Spanish. Wellesley College. 1975.
• Baccalaureat Cum Laude. Institut Saint Dominique. 1972.