2010- Present. Celebration of the workers and their craft in the South Bronx's industrial zones of Hunts Point and Port Morris.

Ongoing since 2011, 'Bronx Trades' is a hybrid art project / document about the active industries and workers  of Port Morris and Hunts Point, including: steel, metal recycling, baking, hand-made bedding, and wooden boat making. The project comprises four parts: portrait, landscape, environment, & abstract. It has been used for youth instruction about trades, and will take the form of outdoor murals in the community.

'Bronx Trades' is an ongoing project in the South Bronx highlighting the historic and economic importance of the workers and their craft in the industries of Hunts Point and Port Morris to the wider New York community, bringing closer together the area’s residential and industrial communities, and encouraging youths to pursue their own trade in the Bronx and beyond.  
Fougeron’s series began in 2011 soon after she moved to The South Bronx. She created portraits of workers, interiors, machines, processes, and products of these diverse industries. On the one hand, she focuses on century-old industrial steel production, scrap metal recycling, and scaffoldings. On the other hand, she portrays artisanal family trades like baking, printing, and hand-made bedding. She also includes recent activities near the Hunt’s Point Food Market--custom prepping fish, crafting wooden boats, and creating green roof tops.

As Elisabeth Biondi -curator of the exhibition 'Heart of The South Bronx: Trades'- remarks: “Ms. Fougeron decided to cover photographically each trade in four different ways. Her compelling portraits focus on the working people; her striking landscapes place the project geographically; her environmental pictures are both informative and reflective; and her close-ups are simply beautiful abstractions. Together it adds up to a remarkable artistic document of Port Morris and Hunts Point.”

For further information on exhibitions and installations of this project :

Group Exhibition: , The Photography Show 2019, presented by AIPAD, ‘AMERICANA’ curated by Sherri Littlefield , April 4-7, 2019
Group Exhibition: 'Model Redux', Bronx Art Space, curated by Adrien de Mones and Marina Gluckman, (07-08/2018)
Solo Exhibition: 'Martine Fougeron: The South Bronx Trades' at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, April 6 to June 26, 2016
Solo Exhibition: 'Heart of The South Bronx: Trades' curated by Elisabeth Biondi at THE POINT's Art Container, 2014
Group Exhibition: 'This Side of Paradise' curated by Manon Sloam of No Longer Empty, 2012: 'Bronx Trades/Oficios/Métiers' >>> View Video on Vimeo: 6"

Selected Press:  
Profile in ai-ap. Photographer Profile - Martine Fougeron: "I felt that these were unheralded people" by David Schonauer   Tuesday April 5, 2016
L'Oeil de La Photographie: Interview by Elizabeth Avedon: 'Martine Fougeron: Heart of the South Bronx: Trades' , Wednesday, September 17, 2014
PDN Photo of The Day: "Heart of the South Bronx'
DART: 'Martine Fougeron at THE POINT' by Peggy Roalf
Album in The New York Times, Sunday, May 12, 2013: 'Sugary, but Real' by David Gonzalez  >>> pdf of spread sheet