The series 'SELF-PAUSE' is on-going project begun in 2003- They are performances for the camera/ self-reflections/self-portraits/ 'selfies','puddle grams'- all in that genre which morphs with time and technology-. Using one's self, shadow and reflection as a witness/measure/landmark in our quotidian whereabouts, hideouts and ambulations, as seers or peers. The SELF as the SCALE.  They are explorations in the hyperreal pauses of our quotidian flâneries and un-quotidian discoveries. Surreal planes appear, in front of our eyes. 

Geoffrey Batchen thinks that the 'Selfie' represents “the shift of the photograph [from] memorial function to a communication device.”  Quote from Jerry Saltz article on selfies in New York magazine.

Exhibition 'It’s About You and Me' 
curated by Monica Hardmeier,  ABC NO RIO, 2013. Catalogue text by Monica Hardmeir (excerpt):

The ongoing project 'Pauses & Planes' project – Surreal Spacial Performances - started in 2003. Body and form morph with space and time and suggest spatial metamorphoses. In Martine Fougeron’s photography reflections and shadows of her own body are primitive sculptures. Through the surreal performance of her body visual signs – captured in photography and isolated from our standardized understanding of time – become metaphors for the invisible energetic contour which surrounds our bodies. The medium of photography stills space and time. Multiple dimensions of reception open up and allow meditation to set in. 

The self-portraits in Martine Fougeron’s series Pauses & Planes examines the female reflected in nature and the art works become one meditation dwelling on the coinciding of space, time, and the self within a universal unity.



VIDEO: 'Self-Pause', 2"

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